The Podcast


: African. Of/or connected with Africa


: rejection of normative definitions of gender and sexuality

AfroQueer is a podcast from AQ Studios telling the stories of Queer Africans from across the continent and diaspora.

Our podcast celebrates queer love, and explores the laws affecting our lives, migration, media, race, class, censorship, family and sex (obviously). Along the way, we also share some bitter truths of what it means to be Queer and African, but also spotlight individuals shifting the landscape of African queerness.

In Season One, we travel to South Africa to unpack race, class and geography at Africa’s oldest Pride; investigate the decades old murder of lesbian activist FannyAnn Eddy in Sierra Leone; talk to gay men blackmailed while using Grindr in Kenya; hear from couples about to get married; and listen in on some of your coming out stories.

Season One of the AfroQueer Podcast is made possible with the support of the British Council.

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The Team

Selly Thiam
Host & Executive Producer


Selly is a journalist, oral historian and producer whose work has appeared on NPR, PBS, New York Times, and Storycorps. She is the founder and Executive Director of None on Record, a digital media organization documenting stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Africans.

Maeve Frances


Maeve is an independent audio producer and reporter based in East Africa. She is an International Women’s Media Foundation fellow and previously she covered migration and conflict in the Middle East for outlets like BBC, ABC, PRI, CBC among others.

Rachel Wamoto
Sound Design

Rachel is an audiovisual practitioner by day and professional DJ by night. She connects people on dance floors all over the world and plans to keep on doing that, forever. She has an M.A in Radio, Television and Film Arts from the Communication University of China.