Season Four: Bonus Episode

AfroQueer Presents: S***hole Country – 1 Corinthians 10:23

In this episode, we feature a feed drop trade with a podcast we really love, S***hole Country, an audio memoir set in Ghana during the 2017 holiday season. It’s produced Radiotopia presents, a podcast feed debuting limited-run, artist-owned series from new and original voices.

The narrator Afia, a middle-aged woman living in California, has spent the past few weeks visiting her family in Ghana. She’s wrestling with a major life decision: should she leave America and accept her parents’ offer of a home in Accra? Something big is keeping her from saying yes. And in this episode, she finally shares what it is.

You can listen to S***hole Country episodes in podcast directories or at and follow @radiotopia on all social media platforms to discover more shows from their network.

S***hole Country is written, narrated, and sound designed by Afia Kaakyire, and produced by Afia and Mark Pagán. Julie Shapiro and Audrey Mardavich are executive producers. Cover art by Sindiso Nyoni, and the theme song, “Home,” is by Ria Boss.

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AfroQueer is a production of AQ Studios, executive produced by Selly Thiam, and produced by Penny Dale. Tevin Sudi and Mercy Barno are our sound editors and Rachel Wamoto is our social media manager.

Our theme song is Pawa by Maia and the big sky.

AfroQueer is supported by The Wellspring Philanthropic fund and The Ford Foundation.

Listen to the episode below:

AfroQueer Presents: S***hole Country – 1 Corinthians 10:23

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