Season Three : Episode 02

I am a homosexual, mum

Coming out to a parent can be tough. In this episode AfroQueer shares a slice of queer African fiction, to bring you courage. You’ll hear Kevin Mwachiro read ‘I am a homosexual, Mum’ a short story by the late Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainana. Listen in as Aida Holly-Nambi speaks with Kevin on the impact Binyavanga had on his life, and what this story did for queer Kenyans.

AfroQueer Podcast is produced by None on Record at AQ Studios and Edited on Hindenburg Systems.

This episode was produced by Aida Holly-Nambi, Selly Thiam and Maeve Frances.
Amelie Bertholet Yengo is our associate producer.

Rachel Wamoto is our social media manager and Tevin Sudi is our audio editor.

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I am a homosexual, mum

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