The Joy and The Privilege

In this episode, we tell you a bit about why we do what we do! We are excited to bring you this rebroadcast from an interview with our host, Selly Thiam, on the podcast HowSound. HowSound tells the backstory to great audio storytelling, and in this episode, Rob Rosenthal interviews Selly and does a deep-dive into some of our favourite episodes. We’ll also give you an update on season three! Set your calendars for more stories from Queer Africa.

AfroQueer Podcast is produced by None on Record at AQ Studios and Edited on Hindenburg Systems.

This episode was produced by HowSound, Selly Thiam, Maeve Frances, and Aida Holly- Nambi. Sound editing by Tevin Sudi. For more on audio storytelling, you can find all the episodes of HowSound at

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The Joy and The Privilege

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